How to Create Effective Ads for your Business


Learning how to create effective ads can be a challenge for businesses when they begin running campaigns. Many businesses think it’s as simple as putting up an image, pasting on some generic copy and expecting their audience to flock to what they are trying to promote.

If it were really that simple, all businesses who ran Facebook ads, would be generating immense wealth without really trying. And we know that isn’t actually happening!

The truth is running ads can be a difficult and strenuous process for any business owner, especially if you don’t have an understanding of all of the components of a great ad. A lot of times the simplest of edits can change a mediocre ad into an effective one.

Here are just three ways you can create effective ads for your business.

What does your image look like?

Images are usually the first thing your audience will see of your ad, so these need to be something eye catching that will stop the scroll. They don’t have to be professionally crafted, completely on brand images either. Heck, they don’t even need to look beautiful (“Ugly” images can stop the scroll effectively!) Pick images that entice the mood of your viewer, what you want them to experience when they use your product or service. What pain points are you trying to solve and does your image show that? Try different types of images and see what resonates better with your audience.

Does your copy speak to the audience?

Copy is one of the most important elements in any ad. This can be both short form or long form copy, depending on the audience and what you’re trying to sell. Not all copy is created equal, and sometimes it requires multiple variations to see what speaks to your audience more. A general rule of thumb is short copy tends to perform better on cold audiences, whereas long form copy can resonate better with your warm audiences. When it comes to what your ad should be saying, you need to understand what you want your audience to be experiencing to get them to click that link. Understanding their pain points will help you craft the right message in your ad copy. 

Do you know who your audience is?

A lot of businesses forget to pay attention to who their audience is. When it comes to creating ads, the more detailed you can get about who you’re speaking to, the better your ads will do. Audience targeting can go far beyond, age, gender, location and demographics. The more specific you can get about who your audience is, what they like and don’t like, the better you can create ad copy that speaks to their pain points. For instance it will do you no good to run ads to an audience of just women of a certain age, as opposed to running ads to women of a certain age who like xyz types of activities that align with your products or services. 

Running ads for your business can be a lucrative venture if you understand the basics of how they work and how to utilize them well. Understanding how you can increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads will help you to optimize them and get the most out of your ad spend. 

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