How to generate more leads to your business using

Facebook Ads

…without hiring an expensive Ads expert


The Problem…

Congratulations! Your business is finally starting to generate consistent revenue, and you’re ready for the next step – expanding into Facebook ads to help your growth! It’s so exciting!

…and completely paralyzing.

You look like a deer in the headlights, scared, overwhelmed, and not sure what to do next. You’ve read some articles, looked at Ads Manager, and you have more questions than answers.



Lookalike audiences?


It’s enough to make you want to run and hide in your blanket fort.

You know there are a thousand courses out there that can tell you every little detail about Facebook ads – but you don’t have the time nor the money to dive into those. You just need the basics – the step-by-step instructions to get up and running on Ads Manager – ASAP. No fluff, no “just in case” info, no extensive knowledge. Just the facts, ma’am

The Thing is…

You’re exactly right – there is a myriad of ads courses out there, and many of them are absolutely fantastic (I’ve taken them)! But they spend modules and hours steeped in theory and strategy – all of which is important, but not what you’re looking for.

But fret no longer…you CAN get your ads up and running quickly without wasting all your time, money, and brainpower in the weeds.

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Just Imagine…

How would it feel to:

…get out of overwhelm and into action by knowing exactly which buttons to click, which fields to use, and which options to check?

…know the right type of ads to run – and when – so you stop wasting your hard-earned ad spend with no results?

…to successfully run your own ads – and get RESULTS?

…be proud of yourself and your new skill as your ads take off!

Sound like rainbows and unicorns?  Oh, but it doesn’t have to be!

I know your past experiences and frustrations may be whispering in your ear…

“This whole thing is just too complicated.”

“Ads Manager is overwhelming. I’d rather just boost posts”

“I’m not technical.  I don’t think I can learn this.” 

“I don’t have time to learn a whole new skill – I have a business to run!”

“Trying to learn how to do this myself is too expensive and time-consuming.  I guess I’ll have to find someone to help me.”

Then hold on to your keyboard, my friend, because I have some good news!


Facebook Ads Kickstart

THE no-fluff, all-action Facebook ads course created to empower small business owners who want to start running their ads for their business with confidence, success, and all done in less than one hour!

With Facebook Ads Kickstart, you’ll be empowered to take control of your traffic and spread your message to exactly the people who need to hear it – without wasting your ad spend.

FB Kickstart Offer Stack

You will learn how to:

Set up your Business Manager and Ads Manager correctly

Navigate the Ads Manager

Ensure your Facebook pixel and events are installed correctly

Pick the right targeting for your audience

Set up your first ad campaign

This course will reduce the overwhelm, kickstart your confidence, and quickly help you understand exactly what you need to know to knock your first ad campaign out of the park.


11 Video Lessons in Total:

Here’s what you’ll get –>

Only $147

Lesson #1

How to set up your Business Manager

Learn step-by-step how to create the Business Manager and attach your page to it

Lesson #2

How to set up your Ads Manager

Creating your Ads Manager and setting your business up for success

Lesson #3

How to add your payment method to your Ads Manager

Can’t play if you don’t pay! Find out where this information goes

Lesson #4

How to Install the Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is the secret sauce and the most important element for tracking your customer’s journey

Lesson #5

How to add the pixel to a WordPress Site

Learn how to add the pixel to your WordPress website

Lesson #6

Adding the Pixel to a Clickfunnels account

Using ClickFunnels? No problem, the pixel can be added there too!

Lesson #7

Adding an event code to a Clickfunnels account

Learn about event codes and how to implement them correctly on your sales pages

Lesson #8

Understanding the Ads Manager and Objectives

Learn about the different kinds of ads available and when to run them

Lesson #9

How to create a Targeted Audience

Using detailed targeting will allow you to hone in on exactly WHO you’re speaking to in your ad

Lesson #10

How to create a Custom Audience

How to create audiences from your pixel data, your website and even your Facebook and Instagram pages!

Lesson #11

How to create your first Ad

Ready, set, let’s dive right on in!

Who Am I?

I’m Kelly Sturtevant, Facebook ads specialist and social media strategist, cake decorating hobbyist and a coffee lovin’ mom. I fell in love with Facebook ads and found a passion for helping businesses increase their revenue and brand awareness through them. Some of my client wins include:

  • Decreasing a client’s CTA by $10
  • Generating 200+ survey responses on an engagement ad
  • Generated $65,000 in projected revenue for $863 in ad spend
  • More than doubled a client’s page likes and brand awareness in two weeks on $10 a day

Having been in the trenches of creating ads for a while, I know just how it feels to stare at the Ads Manager screen in panic!  I’ve talked with so many business owners who understand the value of Facebook ads and want to use them to drive traffic to their offers – but they were stuck.  Overwhelmed. Ready to throw in the towel.

And that’s why I created this course – because I’ve been in your shoes and theirs.  I have the advantage of having worked in Ads Manager every day, and every day I learn a little more.  But when you’re first starting out with ads, you need to know where to click, what to set up, and exactly what you need to do to get those ads approved and published.

Thus, Facebook Ads Kickstart was born.

Is This For Me?

The Facebook Ads Kickstart course is for you if you are…

  • Ready to start driving traffic to your site or offer
  • Willing to get your hands dirty with Ads Manager
  • Sick of feeling behind the times by not running ads
  • Ready to feel confident in your paid traffic campaigns
  • Tired of sinking your hard-earned dollars into campaigns that don’t convert

The Course Bonuses

I want you to succeed right out of the gate. With the purchase of my Facebook Ads Kickstart Course, you’ll also receive these amazing bonuses to help you understand even more about running successful ad campaigns, absolutely FREE!


Bonus #1

The Difference between a Boosted post vs a Facebook Ad

This handy guide will show you reasons why your entire ad strategy should not be reliant on just boosting posts. ($47 Value)


Bonus #2

The Facebook Ad Copy Do’s and Don’ts

Your copy is one of the most important aspects in your ad strategy. This checklist will help you navigate what to write and not write in your ads ($97 Value)


Bonus #3

Ad Objective Worksheet and Ad Objective Breakdown

If you don’t know which ad to run based on your objective, you could be wasting your hard earned dollars on the wrong kind of ad. ($147 Value)



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My Guarantee to you

Because this is a digital product and delivery is instantaneous, no refunds will be allowed. However, if you have watched all of the trainings and you’re still struggling to get the Ads manager set up correctly, please email me at kelly@bluepagesocial.com and I’ll hop on a call and work 1:1 with you until it is set up.


How will I receive the course materials?

Upon successful payment, you will receive an email with your course log in details. If for some reason it does not arrive, send me a message at kelly@bluepagesocial.com and I’ll get them to you!

What do I do if I have questions?

If you have questions while watching the training videos, you can reach out to me at kelly@bluepagesocial.com

How much do I need to know about Ads Manager before taking this course?

You don’t need to know anything about the Ads Manager! I walk you through all of the fundamentals of getting it set up and understand how to use it

What’s your refund policy?

Because this is a digital product and delivery is instantaneous, no refunds will be allowed.

Do I need to have Business Manager and Ads Manager set up first?

Don’t fear! We go over the Business Manager set up in Module #1

Why can’t I just boost posts? The ads manager is overwhelming!

Boosting posts will only give you so much. Creating proper ads within the ads manager is the best way to successfully target your audience with your product/services. After this course, you’ll realize the Ads manager is not overwhelming at all!


If you skipped all the way to the bottom and want a quick recap:

If you are a skimmer, this is a foundational course for small business owners who want to reduce the overwhelm, kickstart their ad knowledge and confidence, and start running successful ad campaigns for their business.