The Top 5 Brand Awareness Ads for Small Business


Ever heard the phrase, “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 12?”

It’s one that I have to constantly remind myself of every time I see someone doing something bigger or better than me.

Or working with major clients that I’d die to work with.
Or someone who just seems to have it all, they can’t possibly be unsuccessful.

But the truth is everyone’s journey is vastly different than their peers. We all begin at different stages of life and business.

We all struggle with different problems and come up with different solutions.And when it comes to running ads for your business, the same phrase still holds true.

When you’re just starting out, it’s likely not feasible to consider running thousands of dollars in ad spend to products and services you aren’t sure will convert yet.

But starting with as little as $5 a day may be an option.

Only, what kind of ads can you run on $5 a day and still be able to grow your business and generate more brand awareness?

Let’s break down the top 5 brand awareness ads for small business.

Post Engagement Ads
These brand awareness ads are great for building engagement on your Facebook page, increasing followers and reaching more people. These can run you pennies per engagement and are great for building rapport. Think about questions you can ask, things that require comments or even giveaways to grow your following.

Video View Ads
Like engagement campaigns, these brand awareness ads are very, very cheap per view (think less than a penny). The best part is it’s the only ad you can build a custom audience from. Video ads are always great for sharing value and building that know, like and trust factor.

List Building Ads
Every business should be actively working on building their email list. This is the ONLY audience you will own outright as a business owner, so it’s important to get people onto that list for further organic nurturing and sales. Lead magnets, free trainings, webinars, bootcamps and contests are a great way to obtain emails for less than $5 each. What could an email be worth to you in the long run?

Traffic Ads
Traffic ads can get a bad rap when they are used incorrectly. But if you use them to drive traffic to specific blog posts or podcast episodes on your website, you can provide tons of value and get people on your site for relatively cheap. Then you can create custom audiences of people who landed on specific posts with offers related to them. These are really great brand awareness ads for small business.

Messenger Ads
These ads are great for beginning a conversation with leads in FB messenger. If you are a service based industry, or a local based industry, messenger ads can get you a phone number or email address from your leads and begin a conversation directly with them.

There’s nothing wrong with starting at the very beginning. We all have to begin at chapter 1 in order to get to chapter 12. So give yourself the time and grace to begin.

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