7 Tasks a Social Media Manager Can Do


Congrats, your business has grown in exposure and revenue and now it’s time to hire. When your business starts to take off, a social media manager can step in and help take over specific roles in your company and alleviate some of those stresses. As a business owner, your number one priority is to get your product or service into the hands of your customers. But if your focus is on the behind-the-scenes aspects of your company, this can cause a halt to your growth and creative processes. Here are 7 tasks a social media manager can do for you.

What is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is someone who has the skill and knowledge to keep your online presence visible, attractive to your target market and creating consistent, engaging content to keep them coming back for more. They have studied in online marketing, have a knack for knowing what engaging content should be, and they enjoy spending a lot of time on social media, keeping up with the current trends and new platforms. Hiring a social media manager can take several different roles off your plate, giving you back a lot of time – time that can be spent on more important aspects of your business.

7 Tasks a Social Media Manager Can Do

Social Media Management

Social media is a major driving force for businesses and having a profile on all relevant platforms can have a huge impact on your bottom line. A social media manager (SMM) can help streamline your content by curating, posting and managing customer relations. Some SMM’s specialize in a few platforms, while others can offer all of the major ones to you. This task alone can help your brand gain more exposure, have a further reach and enjoy an increased source of revenue.

Social Media Strategy

There are some SMM’s who also offer complete, customized strategy plans. This involves mapping out the overall strategy the business has for their products and services and then creating the content to support that strategy. This is usually a role a marketing director would accomplish in larger companies, but a good social media strategist loves to take on this component as well as the creation and implementation of all content. Usually, you can pay a bit more for an SMM who also builds out full strategy plans.

Platform Specific Management

A lot of social media managers have become highly skilled in one or more platforms. More often than not, you will find true experts only handle one or two channels, as opposed to ones who handle every single one. These SMM’s you can likely pay a premium for but they are generally well worth their fee to explode a particular platform. Some Business owners choose to hire an expert for each platform rather than one who handles all. This of course, can be more budget related as well.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a major bloodline to your business. Without an email list, you are literally leaving money on the table. While everyone uses social media as a major source of connection and selling to their audiences, your email subscribers are the only list you own 100% outright. If Facebook died out tomorrow, how are you doing to stay in contact with your customers? While having a list is important, nurturing it with consistent content and value is king. There are some social media managers who offer email marketing as part of their services and take on the role of emailing your list on a regular basis to keep them engaging and craving more from you.

Content Creation

Some people are born with the ability to string words together flawlessly. And others are not. Those who can’t do it well, or don’t have the time to handle writing, can send this task to a experienced virtual assistant. Content creation can encompass so many different written aspects. This can be as small as writing descriptions for items being sold in an online store, all the way through to ghostwriting books or manuscripts. Commonly, a content writer is hired to write blog posts, website content, E-Books, articles, email newsletters and landing or sales pages. Sometimes you can find a good social media manager who can do all of the above well, and sometimes the job might entail someone who specializes in one particular writing medium.


A social media manager who is knowledgeable in SEO can help boost your website traffic, improve ranking and increase sales by optimizing your site so its organic reach in search engines can be maximized. This can include targeted keywords within blog posts, or the way your site is linked from other websites. These items can help search engines find your site/page/blog through the millions of other websites out there. A good SEO SMM can be worth their fee by making your site more visible through organic traffic.

Graphic Design

Any visual creations needed in your company can be outsourced to a social media manager who specializes in graphics. There are a wide range in services that can be offered under this such as, website graphics, ebook creations, infographs, interest pins, and of course social media content. A good social media graphic designer understands the needs for all social media platforms and can create specific content for each of your platforms. Having a social media manager who handles both the content creation and captions for your posts can be one of the biggest lifesavers in your business.

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