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is the latest platform offering state of the art account analytics and data for your social media platforms. It currently has data for Instagram and Youtube with the intent of expanding to other platforms. What makes this program so different is that it gives you real-time data for every single thing you are looking up. There are two levels of accounts under SocialInfo – their free account and a paid version.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through a link on this page, there is no additional charge to you, but I receive a small compensation.

SocialInfo – A look into the Free account

SocialInfo’s free account is great for basic data on Instagram and YouTube accounts. This tool allows you to enter in ANY account you want to view and see real-time data for their most recent posts. For YouTube, it allows you to see on each account how may subscribers it has, how many videos daily, the total number of views and the estimated income that day has made. Along with this data, it also gives you the data for the past day, 7 days and 30 day increments.

Socialinfo instagram research


It also gives you the last 7 videos posted on that account with data specific to that video. Not only can you can see how many people watched the video, liked, disliked and commented on it, but it gives you a link to the actual video itself. This kind of data is great to have all in one place and to able to give to your clients, or for your own accounts to quickly see how your videos are being reacted to.

The Instagram data is very similar. You can enter in any Instagram account and review the account’s followers, who they are following, and the links to the last seven posts.

Socialinfo instagram research

It shows you the last 7 posts on the account, how many followers it has gained or lost, the number of accounts they are following and how many posts each day was made. This allows you to see how the account grows on a daily basis in real time numbers.

Socialinfo instagram research

Each post over the past 7 days shows up with the real time data for each. You can see how many likes the post got, how many comments, the type of media and a direct link to the actual post. On the right hand side you can see the average likes, comments, and the engagement rate.

Socialinfo instagram research

The free version allows you basic analytics for these two platforms, enough to get an overall feel of your own account information, and to see any growth trends as they occur. This information will always be free for any user to access.

SocialInfo – Premium Upgrade

There are a couple of really cool features in the Premium upgrade of SocialInfo. These features are strictly for Instagram right now, but other platforms will be added shortly. One of my favorite tools in the premium upgrade is the hashtag researcher.

Hashtag Researcher

For anyone that has spent countless hours doing hashtag research for your business or your clients, this feature alone makes it worth the price tag for the premium upgrade. The hashtag researcher allows you to input up to 100 tags at once, giving you the analytics to each – Total posts, Average Top likes and Average top comments. What this allows you to do is find the hashtags where your account is able to rank in the top 9, thus increasing your visibility. For instance, if your account averages 100 likes a post, you don’t want to use hashtags where the average is 1000. With each hashtag you list, it links you directly to that hashtag’s top posts, so you can see what they are in real time. One of the coolest abilities with this, is this information is easily copied over to a google spreadsheet to be saved for future use. Research your tags and then list them in order from least engaging to most engaging. This way you can keep track of your hashtags when you consistently rank in the top 9 and know when its time to move to the next groupings of hashes.

socialinfo hashtag research

Media Downloader

Along with the hashtag researcher you have access to the media downloader. Instagram has no method of being able to save or download posts/videos, but SocialInfo does. This tool allows you to enter any Instagram post, and it will download the image or video to your mobile or desktop. This makes it much easier for you to repost content from other accounts. Now you don’t have to take screenshots, or use paid for apps to repost content from others. This tool allows you to post it as if it were your original post.

socialinfo media downloader

Viral Finder

Finally, the viral content tool. This tool allows you to search influencer accounts or accounts in your niche to see what content is going viral. By searching an account, it pulls up all of the posts that rank higher in likes than the average post on that page (+30%) It also links directly to that post in real time, so you can see what the content is, what hashtags they used, and then gives you the ability to use the media downloader to save the post. This will allow you to find viral content to help grow your account much faster.

Socialinfo viral finder

SocialInfo is still in the early stages of its development, but will be scaling quickly in their program abilities, launching into other platform research and expansion.

If you are looking to scale your Instagram account, save hours of time researching data and are ready to invest in a program that will get you there, SocialInfo is waiting for you.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through a link on this page, there is no additional charge to you, but I receive a small compensation.


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