How To Create Easy Short Form Video For Facebook Ads


Creating short form video content online has become easier and easier with the rise of social media channels like TikTok and Instagram Reels. In fact, almost all of the main platforms have some sort of video content stream to engage their subscribers and keep them online. 

Ads are no different. Video has always been a major player for any paid marketing campaign and it’s only getting more prevalent and crucial for making sales through ads. That’s not to say all ads should be videos, but advertisers should be utilizing video content into their campaigns on the regular.

So now you know how important short form video is, but how do you create good videos without having massive video experience?

There are some amazing apps and platforms out there that can help you create great video content without needing an expert editor or to help you figure it out. All of these are short form video methods I have used for myself at some point and they were great starting points for a video challenge person like myself! 

And the best part, they can be used on your social platforms as content, as well as running Facebook ads to gain a new audience.

10 ways to create easy video content for Facebook ads

  1. Canva Canva has really stepped up their game and are becoming the IT platform to create on. They have a huge library of video content that can be used as is. Add some text and you’re done! You can even upload your own video content to create something amazing
  2. Canva again – This time turn any graphic or image into a video simply by adding their animations directly in your templates. This is a fast and easy way for even the most beginner of video creators to create video content.
  3. Capcut – One of the most popular mobile apps for video creation and editing, Capcut allows you to create directly in app, or add videos together to create something and even take still images and create short form videos from it. This app has become a staple for most content creators.
  4. Instagram reels – Download your reels and use them in ads. (side note, upload these to YouTube for your Shorts!)
  5. TikToks –  Same as Reels, download these videos and use them as your ad creatives. If you use a platform like you can strip the watermark form the video AND schedule it to run on other social platforms. (Bonus – these types of videos do really well as ads, especially if they are user generated content, or product reviews)
  6. Depositphotos – While the name speaks of photos, they do have videos that you can download and use for relatively cheap. Most are royalty free and can be used in your marketing without licensing issues!
  7. InShot – This app is great for splicing video clips together to create short form video masterpieces. (Also doubles as a way to create YouTube videos) I haven’t used this one since Capcut came out, but it’s still a great platform for creating videos in
  8. Your Mobile Device – Honestly, you don’t need a fancy video set up or a webcam or expensive cameras to create really good video. In fact most people nowadays film directly on their phones for virtually all video content! So grab your phone and start filming!
  9. Facebook Live –  Do a Facebook live on your Business page and then turn it into an ad. While this works best for short lives, it can be a great way to gain more traction to your business page!
  10. Vimage 3D Live Photo Animation – This app just keeps getting more and more cool features to help create still images into videos. There is a paid portion to this app, but if you want short form videos where you aren’t the face of the business, this can be a great option for you

Short form videos don’t need to be hard to create, and in fact the best thing to do is just grab your phone and start filming! Don’t overthink the process and just share your message to your audience and the rest will take care of itself!


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