10 Best Business Tools For Your Home Office


Working from home is much more enjoyable when you have some of the best business tools that don’t sacrifice space or cost to make it functional. Because let’s be honest, not everyone wants to be stuck with a desktop computer, nor does every small business need more than a laptop and a good camera to get started.

Here’s my list of the best business tools for your home office set up that will provide you with a comfortable and workable space.

(Full disclosure all products below are affiliate links and I do receive a small commission through purchasing through them. This does not affect your price. All opinions on the products are my own)

  1. Macbook Pro 13 Inch – One of the best purchases I made was for a Macbook pro laptop. I had previously worked on a linux laptop and various window based ones and ultimately didn’t like the capabilities they provided me. I had a Macbook Pro years ago and decided to get a new one last year. Surprisingly, I don’t use an Iphone, but I still love that my Google products can still connect easily with my Mac. On a user level, I love Mac for its simplicity and ease of use, especially for the tech inclined like myself.
    Adding on the Mac Keyboard made my home set up so much better. I can’t explain it, but the size and feel of the keyboard keys when I work just makes me happy. I’ve tried several cheap keyboards in the past, but I hated how clunky and loud they were, so this one was a great addition to my set up.
  2. Anker Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station – One of the downsides of using a laptop as your main computer is they often don’t have enough ports to handle everything you need. So adding on a docking station has allowed me to have a desktop monitor, a mouse & keyboard and a webcam among a few other things I needed. Unfortunately there are only a few docking stations that are compatible with Apple, and this is one of them. It’s nice and small and sits nicely on my desk without impeding any space I need.
  3. USB C 10FT Fast Charger Cable – Hands down the best charging cable I’ve purchased. I love it so much I even bought one for each of my kids. I find it really hard to find a good fast charging cable, let alone one that is 10 feet long. This cable allows me to plug in but not be stuck next to a wall or desk while my devices charge. And it really is fast! My phone usually charges in less than 50 minutes when it’s near 0% battery. 
  4. Laptop Holder Riser Stand for Desk – Having a laptop stand gives me more desk space and puts my laptop screen up to a height closer to my monitor for better use of a dual screen. I like that this stand is open on the bottom to allow for airflow so my fan doesn’t overheat, and it’s a nice space for papers, and my sticky notes that I need out of the way!
  5. Selfie Stick Tripod – As a content creator and digital marketer, having a tripod to hold my phone while filming videos for social media is critical. I’ve actually gone through several tripods and selfie sticks before, but they were either way too large, or ones that had the moveable legs (that never seemed to actually stand up straight) But when I found this one, I loved that it was compact (perfect for traveling) and it fit nicely on my desk for filming. And of course, the price was right! It even has a bluetooth remote so you can take pictures and videos from a distance! Highly recommend for anyone who does a lot of video content for social media
  6. HyperX SoloCast Gaming Microphone – After using just my Mac microphone for meeting and recording, I realized I needed to step up my game and get something that could help me film better content and trainings for my business. After talking with a few video editors, almost all of them recommended I stay away from a Yeti because it wasn’t the best compatibility with Macs, but I also didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a microphone for what I needed it to do. This microphone fits the bill nicely and didn’t break the bank in costs. I like that it’s small and unobtrusive on my desk.
  7. Logitech Brio 4k Pro Webcam – Now I’ll be honest, spending money on a good webcam has been low on my list, until just recently. My old Logitech 1080p webcam finally bit the dust after 4 great years of use, and I had to make a decision to upgrade to a newer model. I selected the Logitech Brio 4K After a lot of people recommended it to me. Price point was less than $200 which I appreciated, and it’s given me a much better view and angle on my videos. I’m still learning what this camera can do for me, but so far I’m really enjoying the quality of video it’s giving me!
  8. Asus Tuf Gaming Curved Monitor – I knew I didn’t want to get a Mac Monitor (cause they are ridiculously expensive) and I knew I wanted a curved screen to maximize my screen space. This monitor was recommended by a few in my community both in gaming and for work simply because it was not ridiculous in cost, and it’s great resolution and colour. I used to work on a basic 17 inch screen, so this size at first seemed like it was WAYYY too big for me. Now I love it and with the use of my laptop monitor as a second screen, I can have a ton of programs open without having to hide anything. 
  9. Anmula 4 Pack Cable Clips – With a lot of cables running on my desk for my keyboard, phone charger, webcam and everything else, these little cable clips just help me keep things organized so I’m never having to dig for where a cord landed (or fell behind)
  10.  Canon 3620 Pixma Black/Color Printer – Now I know some of you are thinking,  “I don’t need a printer!” But I can’t tell you how glad I am that I have one. Even if you’re only printing a handful of documents a month, this printer makes it worth your while with a very affordable price tag. Even when factoring in ink cartridges this printer is an easy yes for any business to have. While it did take a bit to figure out the bluetooth connection to my laptop for printing, I’m so glad to have a printer when I need it. 

Setting up a home office doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top, but having a few key components can set you up for major success and growth. (Plus, now you can splurge on important things like office decor!)


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