Stop WASTING Time And Budget

Start Creating Better
Performing Ad Campaigns
In Just 30 Minutes

(Even If You're Not Sure What To Change Or How to Read The Metrics And
Haven't Been Able To Get Any Of The Bro Marketing
Advice To Work For You Yet)

You’ve been dabbling into paid marketing for a little while and have found some mild success in your campaigns. You’ve generated some leads, and maybe even a few sales for your business, but it’s become increasingly difficult to create better performing campaigns that aren’t costing an arm and a leg in ad spend.

Have You Ever Found Yourself Thinking Any Of The Following?

"I can get ads up and running, but I have NO idea how to make them convert better after that."

"What if I change something and instead of reducing conversion costs, I end up paying MORE?"

"I've heard of stories of people who start messing with stuff and end up spending thousands of dollars on ads that don't work. I don't want that to be me."

"I don't know what all the metrics mean. How can I even tell if my campaigns are successful?"

"What about all that stuff bro marketers are telling me? I tried that - didn't work."

If any of that resonates with you, don't worry. There's an easy solution for you!

Learning and understanding ad strategy is the fastest and easiest way to achieve better results with your paid marketing efforts. And once you learn the strategies that can help your marketing convert, the faster and easier your ideal audience converts to leads and sales.

Listen, I get it.


Being a business owner means having to wear all of the “hats” and learning all kinds of roles. But paid marketing is one place where small tweaks and strategies can be the difference between drinking cold gas station coffee, or splurging on your favorite gourmet brand. 

That means getting it right when it comes to your ads is kind of a big deal … but you don’t have to try to figure it all out on your own!

What if you knew exactly how to build ad campaigns that require less of your hard-earned dollars, reducing conversion costs and generating better results?

Who doesn’t, right?  You’d be able to:

  • Feel less stress wondering if you're making smart decisions that will impact your bottom line 
  • Be more confident knowing you understand exactly what to tweak and change for better results 
  • No longer be stuck relying on other people to tell you what's going on with your own ad account

Just Picture it…

How would it feel to:

  • get out of overwhelm and into action by knowing the strategies you can implement FAST that can reduce ad costs?
  • know the right type of ads to run - and when - so you stop wasting your hard-earned ad spend with no results?
  • successfully run, update and test your ads without needing an expensive consultation with an expert?
  • generate even a 1% improvement on your conversion rates, which can mean attracting more leads, increased sales and bigger profits for your business
  • be proud of yourself and your new understanding of creating better ad results for your business!

Sounds like the secret sauce
to success, right?

I know what you’re thinking right now.

“That’s easy for you to say, Kelly.
You’re an ads strategist.
Of course it seems easy to you.”

I get it. Your past experiences and frustrations may
be screaming in your head…

"It’s too complicated. I don’t know how to run good ads”

“I just keep losing money. I’ll never understand how to make these damn ads work”

“The iOS update destroyed my ads. I’ll never be able to create ads that convert in this new landscape”

“I tried hiring someone but they didn’t know the first thing about creating an ad strategy”

Don’t worry!
I have something that can take care of all of that!

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Convert to Cash

The Complete Ads Conversion Bundle is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their business by building and implementing better ad strategies that help them reach their desired audience for conversion

With Convert to Cash, you’ll learn how to master your approach for running ads, create a methodology for improved ad strategy, and implement a system that delivers consistent results.

Create ad campaigns that get in front of the right people for your offer

Make small changes that bring in major results

Boost your confidence knowing you CAN run your own ads with success


Convert to Cash will reduce frustration, put control back in your hands when it comes to your paid traffic, and quickly help you obtain better ad results without losing thousands of dollars in the process.

In this strategy driven course, you’ll get:

Top Of Funnel Strategies - Learn the simple (and sometimes forgotten) strategies that generate better quality results at the very top of your marketing funnel, giving you a warmer audience that converts

Copy & Creative Strategies - Understand how to tweak ad copy and creatives that attract your ideal audience at all levels of awareness

Offer Strategies - The landing pages you drive traffic to are actually responsible for the conversion. These strategies help you to generate more conversions with your ads

PDF: Easy Ad Strategies to Reduce Ad Costs And Increase Conversions - A rundown of the quickest and easiest ad strategies that you can implement immediately for better results

PDF: The “A to the NO!” of Compliant Ad Copy - How to create compliant ads and stay on Meta’s good side for advertising


Hi! I’m

Kelly Sturtevant

A Meta Ads Strategist specializing in empowering  small business owners to learn and understand their own ad campaigns and create better converting ads with any budget. Some of my client wins include:

  • Generated a 2.5X ROAS for a Live Workshop + Monthly Coaching Program
  • Achieved a 1.7x ROAS for an untested offer
  • Generated a 4.35X ROAS on a physical product
  • Generated a 6.9X ROAS for a High Ticket Coaching Program
  • Helped generate $24k in revenue on less than $1200 ad spend
  • Generated an additional $2400/month in recurring revenue for a coaching program


As an ad strategist, I’ve spent a lot of time researching, creating and testing all kinds of strategies on my client’s (and my own) ads. This has allowed me to see larger pictures for my client’s overall goals and how we achieve them in our ad campaigns. By learning different techniques and strategies I’m able to craft new campaigns that reduce the ad spend and generate better conversions 

I’ve packaged up the best strategies I use in campaigns to help any business owner generate better results on any budget they have.


Convert to Cash is for you if you are…

Ready to improve your ad strategies for better results

Sick of wasting your ad spend on mediocre ad campaigns

Feeling like your ads should be performing better but aren’t sure why they aren’t

In search of the hidden strategies you didn’t know existed that can help create better campaigns

The Bonuses

Need more? With your purchase of Convert to Cash, you’ll receive these amazing bonuses
to give you the tools needed to track your metrics, create better converting sales
pages and avoid the pitfalls restricted industries face in paid marketing.



Bonus #1

Ad Metrics Bundle Pack

My tried and true webinar calculator, bootcamp metrics and ad audit spreadsheet to keep track of your ad results

Ask me about my ads

Bonus #2

Christa Nichol’s Ultimate Funnel Copy Conversion Booster

Includes her Conversion-Ready Sales Copy Checklist, The Power Phrase Swipe File & The No-Fail Headline Generator


Bonus #3

Georgia Mountford-Blake’s Restricted Ads Bundle

Includes her 7 Steps to Protect Your Ability to Advertise Online & Get Out Of Jail Scripts to Appeal Any Decision

Not sure if this is right for you?

The longer it takes to learn new strategies for your paid marketing campaigns, the more ad spend you’re wasting, hoping your results will just magically get better. Any of these strategies outlined in this product can drastically improve your results for the better.


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If you have questions while watching the training videos, you can reach out for support at

How much do I need to know about running Ads before purchasing?

You will want to have a basic understanding of Meta Ads and how they work for business. Your Business manager and ad accounts should already be operational and ideally you should have run some ad campaigns already.

What’s your refund policy?

We stand behind our products and want to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Simply reach out to our team at within 7 days of your purchase for a full refund. No questions asked

How will I receive the product?

Upon successful payment, your product will be delivered via email within 15 minutes. If for some reason they do not arrive, send us a message at

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Just Tell Me The Deets

If you are a skimmer, Convert to Cash: The Complete Ads Conversion Bundle is for business owners who want high level strategies to improve their ad conversions, spend less on paid traffic and increase revenue without hiring expensive strategists to run their accounts


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