Grow your reach, revenue and impact with the help of Facebook Ads

The Complete Ads Starter Pack is designed to give you all the tools needed to create your first (or next) ad campaign so you can generate leads and sales in as little as 30 minutes, without having to hire an expensive agency to do it for you!

Offer Stack Templates

Here is everything you’re going to get:

The Ad Copy Vault - 50+ Ad Copy Templates for Lead Magnets, Challenges, Giveaways, High Ticket Masterminds, Webinars and much more. Simply plug and play your products and services and tweak for your audience (Value $197)

Stop the Scroll Ad Visual Vault 25+ Ad Graphic Templates that are 100% customizable to your brand. All images are royalty and copyright free, and accessible with a free Canva account! Also included: 25 Matching Story sized templates for Story Ads AND 5 video templates (Value $147)

Ad Metrics Explained Video Training - Understand the basic metrics all business owners need so they know where the leaks are in your sales system. (Value $97)

Exclusive Facebook Ad Budget Worksheet and Guide - Understand ad budgets and expected results with a clear and concise guide (Value $97)


Facebook Ads Strategy Blueprint - This ad strategy map shows you the entire customer journey and what types of ads you need to be running to attract your audience at each stage. (Value $47)

Ad Marketing Strategy Map Template - View my own marketing strategy map to provide an understanding of how to build out your own (Value $47)

Complete Ads Starter Pack (Free) Opt-in
Complete Ads Starter Pack (Free) Opt-in

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