Discover how easy it is to generate leads and visibility on your
social media platforms that is engaging, insightful and takes less than

5 minutes a day

Even if you’ve never created any content before or think you have nothing to say!

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Like most business owners, you’ve probably realized that your social media platforms are sorely lacking in content; leaving your target market unaware of who you are or what you sell. But the idea of creating social media content overwhelms you.

Trying to come up with catchy things to talk about takes far more time than you thought and you have no idea what you should be posting about to begin with! Then add on having to use  fancy graphics software; it’s no wonder you are completely paralyzed in inaction and your stress levels are through the roof.

So instead of keeping your channels up to date and your audience informed, you give up posting all together leaving your accounts abandoned and your target market searching out information and communication from your competition instead.

So What Do You Do?

You KNOW you need to be posting content online in order to attract your audience

You know that businesses who are consistent online are creating waves in their industry and creating relationships with their ideal market, allowing them to sell their products and services.

You know that you need to commit time and energy into your social platforms, but there aren’t enough hours in the day free for this!

There’s no need to stress eat
and pull out all your hair!

You CAN have a consistent social media presence that gives your brand authority, connects and builds relationships with your target market and can be done in less than 5 minutes a day!

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What if I told you…

There is a way to promote your brand and business authentically without feeling like your overselling all the time

There is a way to enhance your brand authority with the right prompts that present you as the expert in your field

There is a way to eliminate stress and take back hours of your time so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

I know exactly what you’re thinking…

I don’t have a freakin’ clue what to even say on my social media

I don’t have experience with fancy graphic programs

I don’t have time to figure this all out

I don’t feel I have anything worth saying!

Who the Heck am I?

I’m Kelly Sturtevant, a Social Media Strategist and Facebook Ads Specialist and I’ve been working with 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs to help establish brand authority through the use of social media.

Having to create content for my clients on a monthly basis has given me the skills needed to create content quickly and effectively for businesses. I know what questions to ask, what content provides engagement and how to establish brand authority without coming off like a smarmy sales pitch.

It’s no secret that all businesses should be visible on social media in some form or another. I’ve helped brands create consistent daily content geared to increase engagement, educate their audience and increase their bottom line.

But not everyone can afford to hire someone to handle their social media.
And that’s when I realized I needed to share how easy it can be to create content for your business.

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Introducing the

Social Media 365 Content Machine

for busy business owners who struggle with what to post on social media, want to increase their brand visibility, and increase relationships with their target audience.

With the Social Media 365 Content Machine, you’ll be able to establish brand authority, and create relationships with your target market without having to spend hours a day doing it.

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Inside this offer you’ll get:

There is a way to promote your brand and business authentically without feeling like your overselling all the time

Social Media Holidays Calendar filled with all of the most important national holidays to encourage fun and engagement on any social media platform. Fun holidays like National Donut Day and National Boss Day will be sure to get your audience excited to communicate with you


With the purchase of the Social Media 365 Content Machine you will also get:


Bonus #1

100 ready-to-go inspirational quote cards designed to quickly add to any social media platform and encourage engagement


Bonus #2

Canva templates for all 100 quote cards so you can adjust to your brand colors and fonts


Bonus #3

Daily Hashtag Prompts list to help your content be visible on the most engaging daily tags.

Every day you’re not posting on social media, your audience is
going to your competition instead. Get online NOW and offer them
a solution to their problems



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Due to the nature of this digital download, all sales are final and no refunds will be given. As a small business owner myself, I understand the risks involved when purchasing digital products to help in your business.

This calendar is a culmination of hours and hours of my time and skills to create a product that will provide you with a ton of value and save you hours of YOUR time. While I can’t guarantee that by using it your social media platforms will increase in engagement or followers, I can guarantee that by using it, you will save a ton of time and stress by taking this burden off your plate.

If you have any concerns about this product, please contact me at


I’m terrible at posting on social media. Will this work for me?

You are exactly who I created this for! No social media experience needed, just a few minutes of your busy day to increase your brand’s awareness!

How is the product delivered?

Once payment is completed, you will receive access to a membership portal where your materials are housed.

How is the calendar created?

For ease of use, the 365 Content Calendar is created in Google Sheets.

I’m in ________ industry, will this work for me?

This plug and play system is designed for any industry. You can customize the content to suit your brand’s needs.

What program are the quote graphics created in?

To make this universally accessible, templates are created in Canva and accessible to anyone with a free account.

If you skipped all the way to the bottom and want a quick recap:

Purchase my Social Media 365 Content Machine which includes a 365 Day Content Calendar, Quote Graphics, Holiday Calendar and Hashtag Prompts for busy business owners who want to stay consistent on social media and not spend hours and hours creating content.